Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is easy to learn because of the very flexible nature of the language, is widely standardized across common browsers and is far more useful than ever before! Because JavaScript is not a compiled language, things like memory management are not a big concern. You won’t find yourself having to worry about loading and unloading […]

Seasonal Fruit

Here I listed some fruits, where you can check the corresponding season to eat them. Remember to eat fresh, organic, and seasonally. Fruits Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Bramley Apple ✔ ✔ ✔ Gala Apple ✔ ✔ Blackberries ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Cherries ✔ ✔ ✔ Pears ✔ […]

The air pollution

I would like to talk about my health experience since I’m living in London. As you probably know I’m from Barcelona, the weather is very different compared to London but also the pollution is scarily higher in London compared to Barcelona. I moved in on February 2012. I was super excited about my new adventure, […]

Sea bream to the salt

Fish, fish, fish… I love fish! Remember to add fish to your diet 🙂 Try to buy fish caught at sea and not from a piscifactory, you will notice the difference and your health will be more than thankful. Always wash fish with some water before cooking. One of my favourites fish is the Sea bream, this recipe […]

Running shoes

Are you thinking in putting on your training shoes and go for a run?  Are you 100% sure and comfortable with your shoes? Or you don’t know exactly which kind of shoes to get? I assume you will have thousands of questions, but don’t worry I will show you a few tips which it will help […]

La via ferrata de la Roche au Dade

This was my first Via Ferrata ever, too many emotions I felt when I was doing it. At the beginning I felt very scared, but then this fear changed to excitement, curiosity, and very good feelings. Definitely I will repeat this experience. The satisfaction when I arrived was incredibly positive.   Departure altitude: 702 meters Arrival altitude: […]

Linux – vi (editing files)

Using vi you can edit any file you want Let’s see how this works, type vi and the file name.

If you need to type some content inside this txt document, press i (insert)

And now you can type anything you want.

If you need to add a new line, just put […]