The answer is yes. A lots of magazines, blogs, news papers are talking about this amazing technological advance. Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic wants to make space tourism a reality, he on NASA’s X-Prize with SpaceShip One and now he created SpaceShip Two, a modified version seating six lucky (and deep pocketed) passengers. Branson affirms that if the flights result profitable he could expand into space hotels as well.

It’s possible that this space plane can create a different concept of travel?


Since 2005 you can reserve your seat to take trip in this new amazing space plane.

6Every trip costs $200,000. If you think this a crazy price, really it´s under its real value. You’re required to do some pre-flight training. This training consists of 3 days of pre-flight preparation, learn how make the most of your time in microgravity and feel comfortable in micro gravity will become an important part of this preparation. To run this training they use a WK2 carrier aircraft. also a mentally and physically preparation is required. Basic emergency response training and activities to familiarize with the spaceflight environment.

In the State of New Mexico Virgin Galactic built in 2011 a Spaceport, on New Mexico’s tax payer money.

The structure is composed of metal and glass panels, projected by sir Normans Foster architecture studio. This building is completely self sustainable one of its many advances is the hot and cold geometrical refrigeration. This spaceport has a 3.2 kilometres strip.



SpaceShip Two Characteristics:


It´s all built with carbon fibre and can get 6 passengers in the main cabin, the auxiliary cabins are reserved for the scientific team.

At 15 kms over the surface, SpaceShip Two detaches from the main plane and the ship  boosts into a velocity of 4,000 km/h for a total of 104 kms.

Reentry into the atmosphere and landing is done by gliding the ship until landing.

In 2008 Virgin Galactic signed a contract with NASA to explore the potential collaboration to develop the future of spatial systems and support comercial activities like outer space flights with humans.

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