JavaScript is easy to learn because of the very flexible nature of the language, is widely standardized across common browsers and is far more useful than ever before!

Because JavaScript is not a compiled language, things like memory management are not a big concern.

You won’t find yourself having to worry about loading and unloading content, compiling, or setting primitive data types because most of the heavy lifting is handled by the browser.

JavaScript is a scripting programming language so the code you write does not need to be compiled and as such does not require a compiler or any other expensive software to write. JavaScript is just plain text, so all you need to write it is Atom, Sublime Text… or any other text editor.

JavaScript is a prototyping language. There are two interrelated concepts with prototype in JavaScript:

prototype property
prototype attribute

There are lots of tools you can use to debug your JavaScript code, making the work easier.

While JavaScript is probably not the first language that comes to mind when talking about O.O.P. (object oriented programming), it is absolutely able to make use of Object Oriented Design Patterns and principles.


Using JavaScript you can easily create objects and use special OOP design patterns. Unlike more structured languages, however, JavaScript does not force you to use OOP, which can be advantageous for smaller projects.

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