It’s time to talk about the Farmers Market!

We have lots of farmer markets around London. Fresh food, organic, natural food… We don’t realise how important it is to take care about our nutrition. Try to avoid fast food and pre-cooked, your health and your mind will be more than thankful.


I only eat local food, knowing the origin of each product. For me it’s primordial to make sure the meat is coming from a free range farms, and with out any kind of abuse to the animals. The fish should be wild, not from fisheries.  Make sure you eat seasonal vegetables and fruit.


One of my favourite Farmers Market in London is located in Marylebone.  You have plenty of stands with a huge range of products, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, handmade pies, diary…


The sellers are super friendly and they always will give you advice and recommendations if you ask.

This market is running every Sunday from 10am to 2pm.


This is the official web site where you can find a lot of information about all the markets around London, click here. If you want to keep informed about the last news from the Marylebone Farmers Market, you can follow them on Facebook.

I come to Marylebone Farmers Market very often, and of course this morning I was there! This time I brought my camera with me to share the experience with you. Like always it is a great market, with a plenty of stands with a big range of different products.

As a cheese lover my first stop was in this stand. This guy was very friendly, I asked for some recommendations and he choose this cheese for me. I tried it and… Oh!! It’s delicious!! All these products are handmade on his farm, with all the milk they produce there. He also sells, fresh milk and cream. He sells his products in six different markets around London, five days a week.



I love flowers, and my eyes couldn’t resist to look at these amazing flowers. The stand was very busy, and I can tell you why. It’s very pretty. They also do comercial decorations and competition, they even won a bronze medal!


Today I had the luck to talk with a lovely beekeeper, we talked a lot. I asked her lots of questions and she was more than happy to answer them.  She had a stand of the Bee Friendly farm. She runs the farm with her husband, who recommended to try their Hertfordshire Honey, looks super yummy! So of course I couldn’t resist and I got one! They have different kinds of honey that is never mixed, comes straight all from the same beehive and is packed immediately.

She also produces cosmetics, but she told men about the difficulties she is having keeping up with the new European rules. They got plenty of restrictions, and they had to cut out some of the handmade cosmetic products. But she is keen to slowly add new ranges of products. They also make candles out of recycling the bee wax.

I asked her for the rules needed for be an organic farmer. She does not produce organic honey as it’s impossible in the UK, also she guided me how to look for 100% organic food. If you are looking only for organic food, make sure you ask first to the seller. This lovely woman, told what is needed for being a honey organic farmer, you have to make sure all the farms around the bee farm (100 miles) need to be organic as well. So as you can see these are very strict rules. They only are in the markets Saturdays and Sundays, during the week they are farming.



Finishing our visit we stopped in this amazing organic meat stand. All the animals follow a strict organic diet. All the meat is processed without pesticides or additives… My partner love sausages,  so I bought chicken sausages and Pork with apple sausages, he was very happy with the shopping today 🙂


I do really recommend to shop in this market. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

With love,

Mireia xx


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