Today is my first day using the Thermomix. If you don´t know what it is, don´t worry I will explain quickly.

Thermomix is a machine that can help you a lot in the kitchen. It’s not really a substitute for all your cooking, but it’s very helpful, easy to use, quick and lovely!

So here’s all the unboxing process for your pleasure.

Themomix boxHere we go! This is the box I was waiting all day for, very excited about it!

inside boxOnce I open the box I find the invoice and a list of all the books you can buy. also there’s a first week menu suggestion.

open box

Under this there’s another box containing the varoma tool. It’s specially made for cooking using vapor.




The first one is a very useful tool, a spatula and you need it to mix or to serve; the second one is to make textures and knead bread and other stuff.


This is the varoma.

thermomixHere it is! The Thermomix, I really thought it was bigger! But nevermind that´s a very good size.

instructions manual

The manual, very useful and in multiple languages, German, French, Italian, English and Dutch.

cooking booksHere are the recipe books, one in English for general recipes and the other one in Spanish for Spanish recipes. These books are very complete and have very good explanations. The English book doesn’t have pictures, the spanish book does.

indian foodYes.. for lovers of Indian food, this complimentary book only has Indian food recipes.

This is just an introduction, I will update every time when I try new things with my Thermomix and I know exactly how everything works.

If you have any questions just drop a comment!

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