Last Wednesday at 11 o’clock London time, people around the world were glued in front of Sony’s provided video stream to follow the live announcement for for the new PlayStation 4 console.


Right now we donĀ“t know the new PlayStation 4 look, but we know the technical specifications for the console and full details about the new controller DualShock 4.

Lets talk about the new DualShock 4 characteristics.

DualShock 4 controller

DualShock 4 controllerIt has a touch pad, it also includes a share button and enhanced movement control.

This is all designed to make social interaction the center of the experience. Improve movement control on the six axis controller and evolve the style from its predecessor (DualShock 3). It has a new touch pad and the trigger buttons have been redesigned to be more ergonomic. It also has a headset jack and a built-in microphone in the frontal area to be able to chat with other players without the need for an external microphone.


Dual Camera

The new camera bar captures 3D coordinates by noticing the slight differences in position from both cameras which allows precise 3D positioning with PS Move. This camera bar also has 4 microphones to capture the sound of the playing area and the surrounding noise.

PlayStation 4 console

PlayStation 4 will be commercialised for this x-mas campaign (hopefully it’ll be available by mid-November).

The new console won’t be backwards compatible, neither with PS3 or any previous PlayStation console as Sony Computer Entertainment decided to break with the past in order to be able to create a new clean canvas to evolve these next years.

PlayStation 4 console

On the Technical Specs side the new console will have a dedicated vectorial coprocessor, it’ll use GDDR5 memory (the fastest available only to high end Graphics Cards) and the GPU will have 1.84 TeraFlops of computing capacity. The CPU will be x86 64 bits compatible, presumably AMD’s Jaguar 8 core processor.

It’s certain that the new PlayStation 4 will have an included hard drive but no details have been revealed yet as of the presence of a Bluray drive.

On the networking area it’ll have included wi-fi (b/g/n compatible) and a giga ethernet adapter.

The new console will have a low power sleep mode in which a dedicated processor will be able to automatically updated it and download games on the background. If you’re a frequent user of PSN it’ll also be able to predict which game will you buy next and download it before you even want it, hopefully this feature will be optional for the ones amongst us that pay overages for their monthly download volume ;).

Already announced games

At the presentation both Knack and Diablo III were announced, Diablo III will be also available for the PS3 and Knack will be an exclusive game only for PS4.


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