How to fix an incorrect key in ssh known_hosts

Sometimes you have to reimage or reinstall a server while keeping its current IP, if that’s the case when you try to connect again with ssh this error will appear:

Use this command to remove automaticly your entries from known_hosts:

If you don’t need to take a look the known_hosts.old, you just need […]

Dirty thunderstorm

A dirty thunderstorm is a weather phenomenon that occurs when lightning is produced in a volcanic plume. Is an amazing spectacular show of lights. Carlos Guitierrez was photographed the most famous image taked in Chile the Chaiten Volcano, this spectacular phenomenon. Here are some images from this amazing dirty thunderstorm:

Linux – user management commands

How to create a user:

Set password:

If your password is too simple, it shows:

But it’s not nesessary change the password if you don’t want to, just type the same and it will be accepted.

In case you need to change the password or add a password for a user […]