Are you thinking in putting on your training shoes and go for a run?  Are you 100% sure and comfortable with your shoes? Or you don’t know exactly which kind of shoes to get?

I assume you will have thousands of questions, but don’t worry I will show you a few tips which it will help you in your firsts steps as a beginner runner. Before we start talking about brands, etc.. You need to know how your feet move: Neutral movement, overpronation or supination?

– Neutral movement, feet turn inward slightly as they ground, called pronation.

– Overpronation,  feet roll too far inward, the arches collapse and provide no support. Overpronators usually have low to flat arches.

– Supination, feet roll outward rather than inward. Supinators usually have high, rigid arches that don’t absorb shock well.

This is very important to know, as depending your movement you will need a different type of sole. It’s indispensable to make sure you feel confortable and find the right brand, sole, and size.

Each brand it is a different world, some people find more confortable Asics instead of Adidas for example. My first running shoes were the most simple, basic and cheapest Nike shoes. Those shoes were just okay, without any kind of cushions to soft the tension on my knees, ventilation, not very light, simple plastic sole… I do not recommend that, as you can get injures by wearing the wrong shoes. It’s a big mistake to think in, oh anything can be useful for run.. NO! Do not make the same mistake I did.

My passion for running went more serious and I decided to upgrade my shoes for something more pro. I was very lost, so I started asking to my dad (yes, he is  like a pro!), on forums, friends runners. After my searching decided to get Asics which at the beginning I thought it was okay the pain I felt (because a brand new shoes usually you feel pain everywhere). So I talked to my dad, and I explained all my experiences with this shoes. When I went to Barcelona just for a few days my dad had an exhaustive check to my running shoes, and… surprise! The size was small for me (even it was my size in other brands), and also the sole wasn’t the best option for me. I’m neutral, so I needed something more light, and support.

My dad is a super fan of Adidas, he use deferent brands and the most confortable for him was the Adidas Glide. Why Adidas, because they have boost technology which is a revolutionary foam. Adidas is the only brand with this technology at the moment. So I trusted my dad and I went to Adidas shop and I try it, running a bit with it and… BOOOM!

I was impressed to feel that confortable! With no doubt I went back to London with those running shoes in my bag. I had a week left for my first half marathon in Anglesey, so this was the best opportunity to see if this shoes really rock or not. And it was successfully! I’m very happy with my Supernova Glide 7.

I do not recommend to get your new trainers online. You should first try it and un run a little bit with it in a treadmill. All the professional sport shops have the required equipment for this. Check the size, and make sure the fingers don’t touch the end of the shoe. If you are wearing a small shoe, when you are running you can  lose your nails. So please be careful!

Do not take Asics as a bad brand, this is just my experience. You should try different brands before making you final decision.

I hope this post helped you to understand the basic concepts to get the right running shoes.


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