IMG_3040First time I would like to talk about me. My name is Mireia Sangalo, I´m engineer IT and I love Technology, Science, experiment all I can do it.

Always I like to know all news it´s happening around the world related with my job and my favourite hobbies.


In this site I would like to share with all of you all my knowledge, my new experiences, the most interesting articles I found on the Internet to share with geeks like me.

My skills are Web Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

I´m from Barcelona. It’s a very nice city! What I need to say, I just love my city. But my heart has two homes, one is Barcelona and the other one is London. London is my current hometown.

I wanted to create this website, first I because I would like to share all my knowledge with people who are looking to get information, ideas, and also would like to share with me their opinions, tips, skills etc.

I´m an animal lover, I will protect all animals in the world!

If you need ask me something, please feel free and send me a email or follow me on twitter @MyPitit


In this section, I would talk about my personal experiments with my new gadgets. The first one will be the Thermomix, a cooking machine.

Robots, computing…

Science, I really like science. Here I would like to write some articles, I´m very interested and I’m very happy to share this with you.


Here I would to talk about the pioneering technology we have around us. Also I would like to share all technology I use in my day to day.

What’s new in the world!

In this section I would like to talk about all the articles that I find interesting, on all categories that might interest me.

I only can say… hope you enjoy it!


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