Fish, fish, fish… I love fish!¬†Remember to add fish to your diet ūüôā Try to buy fish caught at sea and not from a piscifactory, you will notice the difference and your health will be more than thankful.¬†Always wash fish with some water before cooking.

One of my favourites fish is the Sea bream, this recipe is a very special one. My dad taught me how to cook this delicious fish.

I’m using my Thermomix to steam the fish. If you don’t have a Thermomix,¬†I will post another article explaining how to cook the sea bream in the oven.

This recipe is for two people (one sea bream each).


2 sea bream

1400 g coarse salt

1 lemon

4 branches of fresh rosemary

1 handful of fresh parsley



Stuff the sea bream with the parsley, lemon and rosemary. Add one branch of rosemary per fish.

Place the sea bream in a tupperware or plate and cover it with the rest of the herbs and squeeze half a lemon above the fish. Leave it in the fridge for about half an hour to an hour. I like to do that before cooking the sea bream, because the herbs and the lemon will give more flavour.


When the time is up, preheat the Thermomix, place the varoma tray on the top of your bowl. Select the varoma program for 10 min and velocity 1.

While the Thermomix is on, take the sea bream and dry the excess of water using a paper towel or a fabric towel. Make sure to dry the sea bream properly before adding the salt.


Take the small varoma tray and make a thin layer of salt in the base. Once this is done place the sea breams on top of it.


Start covering the sea bream with the salt.


Ensure you cover everything evenly.


Make sure you put the tray cover, otherwise the sea bream won’t steam properly.

Now it’s all ready for¬†the steam.¬†Place your varoma tray in your Thermomix bowl. Select the varoma program, to 20 min and velocity 1.


When the time is up, uncover the tray very carefully as it will be very hot. Start uncovering the fish, until you can get the fish safely. When you proceed to take the sea bream use a big spatula, because the fish will be very tender and it can break easily.


You can serve the sea bream in one piece or clean the spines as I did in the next picture.


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